It’s 4 in the morning when I hear your sweet voice
But the sweetness is fading, which leaves me no choice.
I stumble through darkness as I head to your room
Stopping first for the bottle you cry to consume.

I open the door and you’re standing up now
With tears flowing madly, a scowl on your brow.
I give you the bottle, that gives you some peace
You finish it quickly, and your worries release

With your head on my shoulder, you’re where you belong
So I sway side to side and I sing you a song
It’s a song that my mom sang, but the words aren’t the same
I’ve replaced a few lyrics, though I kept the refrain.

It’s a song about you and a song about me
It’s a song about figuring out who you’ll be
It’s a song full of things that I want you to know
It’s the song that I sing while I’m watching you grow.

You’re getting so tall, and I walk you to school
You’re singing along now, you still think Dad’s cool.
I treasure these moments, our little duet
And I want to freeze time, but you’re not finished yet.

The years will fly by as I knew that they would
The crib will be gone from that room where we stood.
I’ll still sing the song, but you won’t seem to hear
You’ve no time for singing, it’s my greatest fear.

And then I’ll think back to a dark memory
When I stopped hearing my parents’ singing to me
I thought I’d outgrown it, the song was played out
to a boy who’s a man who knows what life’s about.

Yet the song that I scorned one day came back you see
When I first held a baby who looked just like me.
There were lyrics inside me that I had not found
They were patiently waiting til you came around.

And I know that my mom hears me singing them now
And I know that she’s probably proud to see how
I can riff on her chords, improvise on her tune
Take the song that she sang me and sing it to you

And I do it with love in a way that is mine
But the song that I sing you is yours to refine
The song will continue with your variation
As soon as you come face-to-face with creation

The words aren’t easy, the tune’s hard to carry
It’s joyful, exhausting, and often quite scary
But just when you think that you’re doing it wrong
I hope you will notice I’m humming along.

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