Category: Fatherhood

  • Four Years A Father

    Ever since 2015, Saint Nicholas Day has always been Father’s Day to me.

  • Long Days, Short Years, Etc.

    Sometimes a photo can trigger a memory that you want to hold on to for the rest of your life.

  • A Single Father of One…for a Weekend

    After two years of being a dad, I finally had an entire weekend of parenting all by myself. Here’s what I learned from the father-son bonding time.

  • Teaching A Two-Year-Old to Love Christmas

    Maddie took much more than a passing interest in Christmas this year. Here’s a very long rundown of just a few of the magical Christmas moments I want to remember.

  • An Open Letter to my Newly Two-Year-Old Daughter

    You made it to two years old, Maddie! And sometimes it seems like you’re going on 22.

  • One Month of Man-to-Man Defense Parenting

    It’s hard to believe that my newborn son is already more than a month old, but this calls for some reflection on the new stage of life that we have entered—man-to-man parental defense. With one month in the books, I’m proud to report that we have thus far largely flourished under these new conditions.

  • The Birth Story of My Son

    Just like the first time around, it’s taken several weeks to find the time to put this birth story down for posterity. I hope you’re in the mood for a long read… The funny thing about the day of your child’s birth is that you know it’s going to be a day you’ll never forget, […]

  • Nesting Hard or Hardly Nesting

    I’m coming to you live from the newly established guest room in our unfinished basement, where I will be sleeping tonight. OK, that sounds a lot worse than it actually is. Our basement is unfinished but well-sealed and definitely habitable. We have moved our guest bed down there and spruced it up with a nightstand, […]

  • Are You Ready? The Eternal Question Before Baby Number Two

    Are You Ready? The Eternal Question Before Baby Number Two

    We have now entered the same month as our due date, the official sign that we are in the pregnancy home stretch. Soon we will reach the surreal point where the milk in the fridge has a later expiration date than this pregnancy. Are we ready?

  • Bachelorhood Revisited: A Rare Week on my Own

    Bachelorhood Revisited: A Rare Week on my Own

    Since this week featured two back-to-back business trips for me with just a couple days at home in-between, my wife and daughter packed up and headed south for an extended stay with my in-laws. This means that for basically the first time since I got married, I have the house completely to myself for two nights.