10 Realistic Valentine’s Day Cards for New Parents

If you’ve had a baby in the last year, your life has been turned upside down and everything is different. And that goes for Valentine’s Day, too. But just because you’re now a party of three doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate! Here are 10 Valentine’s Day cards that new parents can send to each other to let their better half know exactly how they’re feeling. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I haven't showered in days.

It's time for a bubble bath. Get the baby shampoo.

Can you check the baby monitor?

I'm working late. No, you're not.

I can't wait to get you home and go to sleep.

I really need to pump.

It's your turn to change him.

Your hand smells like vomit.

What are you wearing? A nursing bra.

I think I hear her crying.


3 responses to “10 Realistic Valentine’s Day Cards for New Parents”

  1. Anni H. Avatar

    Oh, my goodness!! They are hysterical… and, perhaps, too true!! This is awesome!

    Thank you for the laughs…!

  2. Amanda Cadden Avatar

    My favorite is the nursing bra one 😉 hahaha!!!

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