Baby’s First Halloween

In the early life of a baby, there are many milestones, but perhaps one of the most fun is the child’s first Halloween–when they are still too young to have an opinion or sense of embarrassment so you can dress them up however you like.

We went back and forth on several options (from Supergirl to a baby Ken Bone1) until my wife cooked up the perfect idea. To commemorate the fact that our beloved Chicago Cubs are still playing baseball on All Hollow’s Eve, Maddie would be transformed into legendary Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray. Initially, we wanted to make it more of a family costume and I was going to go as Harry’s catch phrase–a holy cow. Unable to find my family’s cow suit and being a bit rushed from having just returned from an out-of-town wedding, we cut our losses and Harry went stag.

The costume itself was actually really easy to put together. Maddie is blessed with a balding-but-still-impressive mane that loves to go in crazy directions anyway, so we added some baby powder to make it white. When that wasn’t quite working, a Google search taught us to mix the powder with some water and baby shampoo before applying to her hair. This achieved the gray bedhead look we were going for and made Harry’s head smell pretty nice, too.

The finishing touches were a collared onesie to which we affixed a vintage WGN TV logo, and a Cubs baby bottle that we rebranded as Harry’s favorite–Budweiser. We also found some black glasses frames at my Mom’s house that I had used for a Clark Kent costume several years ago.

The finished product was a sight to behold.

Our neighborhood has lots of families and the unusually perfect weather had them out in full force, so we started what will hopefully be a new tradition by setting up a bonfire in our front yard and giving out candy. Seeing all the parents leading their kids down the block for candy made me really excited for when Maddie is more aware of the Halloween festivities. 

That said, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to make our baby look hilarious without any emotional scarring. Halloween is definitely on the list of things that are rejuvenated when enjoyed anew with your own child. It makes me really happy to think about what a long list that will be and how much more fun lies ahead.

Editor’s Note: I’ve been quite derelict in my daddy blogging duties, so I’m hoping to write more frequently by trying to write fewer magnum opuses. Let’s see if it works!

  1. Before that went south…

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