Please…No Cameras

That’s the imagined voiceover I hear when I see our baby’s first 3D closeup, taken tonight through the awesome power of ultrasound technology.

The OBGYN says that Theresa, the baby and everything else down there is in perfect condition. The baby’s weight and length are exactly on track for our August 5 due date, and all the anatomy is exactly where it should be.

Speaking of anatomy, we learned the gender tonight and now have ANOTHER secret to keep from friends and relatives, until we have a big reveal in a couple weeks when some of Theresa’s family will be in town.

For that reason, I will keep this uncharacteristically brief and leave you with a few more quality shots of our delightful little baby. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes for a good scan! This all feels so much more real now. We are over the moon!


profile shot
The baby doesn’t have my nose! Huzzah!


Thumbs up!
“I give this womb a thumbs up.”


face shot
“Ok, fine, you can see my face.”


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  1. I think that first photo looks more like a dance move!

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