40 Dads for 40 Days of Lent

40 Days, 40 Dads

Being a good Catholic, I wanted to do something with this blog for Lent1. Unfortunately, I just thought of what I could do late this afternoon, and Ash Wednesday is already tomorrow.

So this is going to be a bit experimental…And I need your help to ensure that it doesn’t flop.

For the next 40 days, I would like to feature the stories, joys, challenges and insights of other Dads who are doing their best to be good fathers. Hopefully their experiences can be informative to all of us, as well as a good opportunity for them to reflect on the important vocation of fatherhood and how they are answering that call. Think of it as #Dadvice on steroids.

But 40 fathers is a LOT of fathers. I’m not sure I even know 40 fathers personally who are also aware of this blog. That means I need you, dear readers, to pass this post around to the fathers that you know who might be interested in being featured on the site. Anonymity is fine2, but it would also be cool if Dads were willing to share their experience along with their name and a photo of them with their kids. Either way, I’m very interested in the answers to these questions and reading about the vast experiences of other fathers. If you’re a Dad, please consider filling out the form below and forwarding it to other fathers. Thank you in advance!

Also…I don’t even have a father lined up for the first post that should be going up for Ash Wednesday tomorrow. Who wants to lead off?

Don’t forget to hit Submit above to record your answers! Thanks for your time and input!

  1. Don’t worry, I’m giving up sweets, too. This isn’t a Lenten sacrifice cop out!
  2. At least give me a pseudonym or I’ll invent one for you…

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