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Sean Leacy and family

It’s Day 2 of the #40Days40Dads campaign and I’ve been getting an increasing number of submissions, so the experiment seems to be working! Several fathers are lined up to share their experiences over the next few days, but there’s always room for more. Today’s submission comes from Sean Leacy, a fellow Dad Blogger that I recently “met” on Twitter. You can check out his honest and insightful blog at www.redeemingfatherhood.com.

Dad #2: Sean Leacy

Sean is the father of a 4-year-old son, a 2-year-old daughter and another kid due any day now!

What was the moment when you first felt like a father?

Growing up helping take care of my younger sisters. I was very active in their upbringing with 13 and 15 years between us.

What’s your favorite part about being a father?

The times I get to dive in to our imagined worlds together. Whether we are in space, fighting dragons or racing cars it’s the time when we get to pretend we are all doing something together.

What’s the hardest part about being a father?

Being consistent and doing what I say I will do. If he loses the ability to have dessert by leaving the table to play, I can’t wait until he’s done it another 3 or 4 times before enforcing it. Our children need to be able to rely on us doing what we say we will do, both in discipline and in deed.

What’s the dumbest/funniest thing that your kid has cried about or fought with you over?

I wouldn’t say “dumb” because they are all valid in their minds, but recently my son lost his mind with me when I wouldn’t let him pee in the middle of the playground. He eventually calmed down enough for us to rush to the bathroom across the field but ended up going in the woods because the bathrooms were closed for the winter.

What are you most proud of having taught/shared with your kids or what are you most looking forward to teaching/sharing with them?

How encouraging my son is. We’ve worked hard to encourage him to try new things and praise him when he’s done something great, and we see him do the exact same thing to other kids and adults. He loves to tell people they are doing a good job and give them a thumbs up.

What’s your favorite thing about your kids?

That they are incredibly forgiving. If we make a mistake they are so quick to accept our apology and move on as though nothing happened.

If you could go back in time and give yourself a piece of advice when you first became a father, what would you say?

Baby-wearing isn’t just for women. There is immense joy and closeness that is gained when wearing your children. Letting social stigma tell you that it’s a women’s thing is missing out on a great opportunity to bond. I’m glad I started doing it more often with my daughter, but missed out with the first year of my son.

Any other comments to share on fatherhood?

Fatherhood is an absolute joy. Don’t believe the lie that it’s your wife’s job to raise them. Get down on the ground with them and engage in what they are interested in.

If you’re a father or you know a father who would like to share his story, send him to this link to answer the questions. Stay tuned for another dad’s crib notes tomorrow!

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  1. Thanks for the interview! I love having a chance to talk fatherhood and the dad life 🙂

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