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Happy Easter! We made it through Lent and now come to the final #40Days40Dads project, which I have saved for my own dad’s responses. I can’t believe that this experiment actually worked and I was able to get 40 dads to participate. I am incredibly grateful to everyone who took the time to share their experience and I have been blown away by the depth and wisdom of so many of the responses. I hope to write a recap post summing up the overarching themes and what I hope to bring into my own fatherly philosophy from the advice I’ve received from this project. But before I get to that, let’s talk about my Dad.

As you’ll see from his answers below, I did not inherit my long-winded writing from my dad, but I can attribute a lot of other characteristics to him. From my dashing good looks and receding hairline1 to my love of the Cubs and the music of Billy Joel, my Dad has influenced my life and personality in innumerable ways. At various points in my life, he has been my Cub Scout leader, my basketball coach, and my biggest fan. He has been a sounding board, a source of advice and a corrective influence. He has laughed at my jokes2 and cried at my wedding. For decades, he has worked longer than the sun every day3 to ensure that my family has the means to attain the advanced education and comfortable lives that we have. I owe all of my success in life to the sacrifices that he and my Mom have made on my behalf. I am eternally grateful, and I can’t wait to watch my Dad become a grandfather to my daughter. I’m excited for both of us to experience these new roles together. I love you, Dad!

Me and my Dad#40: My Dad

My Dad is the father of four sons–ages 33, 31, 27 and 18.
What was the moment when you first felt like a father?

My oldest son was born six weeks early so we were taken completely by surprise.

I remember going home late that night and praying that this little boy would be okay. At that moment, I realized that little boy was MY SON.

What’s your favorite part about being a father?

Being given the opportunity to watch my four boys grow into the great men that they are. Seeing the four different personalities merging to create such a strong brotherly bond.

What’s the hardest part about being a father?

Being human we all make mistakes, so it is very important to admit your error and show your children the proper and, most times, humbling way to act. It is a hard road, but well worth it.

What’s the dumbest/funniest thing that your kid has cried about or fought with you over?

Probably homework and haircuts would be the most cried over. 4

What are you most proud of having taught/shared with your kids or what are you most looking forward to teaching/sharing with them?

A faith-based lifestyle, a strong solid work ethic, and a strong commitment to family. I look forward to sharing in their changing adult roles in whatever they may be.

What’s your favorite thing about your kids?

Each one of them has their own special talents. To enjoy these talents with them is the best.

If you could go back in time and give yourself a piece of advice when you first became a father, what would you say?

I would say make Dad chores more fun, play with them more, and teach them as much as you can.

Me and my Dad


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  1. I know this is technically inherited from your mother’s father or something like that, but my maternal grandfather had a great head of hair throughout his entire life, so I’m blaming Dad!
  2. even when he’s been the punch line
  3. sometimes at several different jobs
  4. Hey! That math homework was hard, OK?


      1. Of course that just adds to your dashing good looks, but it does remind me of an old joke.

        “Are you a Princeton man?”

        “No, a horse stepped on my face.”

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