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My wife recently switched to a new OB who is closer to our house, and we had our first appointment with him on Monday.

This meant that we legally had to sit through a rerun presentation of all the pregnancy precautions we should be taking. We learned a few new tidbits, like the fact that Theresa can’t travel after June 25 and that she has to stop eating fresh shark. There goes dinner.

We also received some hot-off-the-presses news that was less laughable. Mere hours before we were about to book a babymoon Disney Cruise to the Caribbean, the doc told us that the Caribbean is the last place a pregnant woman should be right now.

Cruises are out.The vicious Zika virus, which is carried by mosquitoes running amok in Brazil and the Caribbean, has caused serious birth defects in babies of pregnant women who were bitten. No pizza buffet is worth that risk.

So we’re back to the drawing board and open to suggestions. We definitely want to use this pregnancy as an excuse to take one  last vacation for which we won’t need to pack diapers and also as an excuse to escape the unforgiving Chicago winter.

But where should we go? Arizona? Florida? Hawaii? We don’t want to break the bank, but the relatively low and all-inclusive price of the cruise is making everything else seem really expensive by comparison. We’re also looking to do this in the first few weeks of March, which is dangerously close to traditional spring break weeks and increased prices to warm destinations.

So I’m crowd-sourcing for suggestions. What is a cool babymoon vacation? We would like to go somewhere warm (or at least warmer than Chicago…so most places) and do something relatively relaxing and not overly physical. Pregnant women can’t go zip lining, for example. We like to eat, we like to hike and see wondrous natural beauty, and we like comfortable hotels. Bonus points if we get to hit up a state we’ve never been to before.

So help us out! If you have an idea, please leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Julie says: Reply

    I hear Loogootee, in is a great place to visit in early March! Lol

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