A Mother’s Day Poem

I once met a woman with talents to spare.
She would laugh at my jokes, sporting dimples so fair.

She was thoughtful and kind and she made me laugh, too.
Though it took a few months, I soon made her my boo.

We dated, and married and danced hand in hand.
Then we linked up our names and we bought ourselves land.

We set up a home that could fit a few more,
but we never would dream what God might have in store.

I got sick with cancer and she was right there,
Coaching me through it as I lost my hair.

The doctor then warned we might not have a kid.
This seemed quite a blow, but then, guess what? We did!

On that fine August day, she was more than my wife
She gave birth to our daughter–we brought forth new life!

She took on the mantle of mother that day
Then did it twice more, adding sons to the fray.

Her sentence as stay-at-home mom would be life.
She said “It’s my calling!” I said, “What a wife!”

We’re making it work, though her work is not easy.
Believe me, I’ve seen it, and find myself queasy.

As I work from home with my wife and our kids,
I’m getting a glimpse of what motherhood is.

First, picture a lady who’s covered in spit.
No, it’s not hers, it’s the newborn who spit it.

She doesn’t get thank-yous from toddlers, just pleas:
For donuts and stories and other decrees.

The three-year-old thinks that she’s really the boss.
If you play your cards wrong, then three kids will be cross.

So between all the fighting and fussing and playing,
I find myself awed that my wife just keeps staying.

To hold up our lives and keep balanced is power;
She feeds us and hugs us and finds time to shower.

We both love our kids, but her love goes much deeper.
She gives every moment, we know she’s a keeper.

So as we are honoring mothers today,
I simply would ask that we all join to pray:

For the mothers who made us the people we are,
For their work, and their love, and their raising the bar.

They teach us to live as they live–for another.
I’m so blessed you’re my wife, and so glad you’re their mother.

Happy Mother’s Day to my wife Theresa, and to anyone who ever mothered anyone in any way. We need you.

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