“A poo in the bath is a harrowing experience” – #40Days40Dads


Today’s entry in¬†the¬†#40Days40Dads campaign¬†was submitted by¬†DadUpNorth,¬†a fellow daddy blogger that I happened upon on Twitter. He is a relatively new dad, so I’m particularly interested in his experience so far.

Dad #6: DadUpNorth

DadUpNorth is the father of a 5-month-old girl.

What was the moment when you first felt like a father?

In the shower. I’d gone home to get changed before heading back to the hospital, after a pretty stressful 27-hour labour1. It was my first moment of calm and I felt an overwhelming sense of pride and joy.

What’s your favorite part about being a father?

Coming home from work and seeing her face light up.

What’s the hardest part about being a father?

Living in constant fear that one day…..she’ll have a boyfriend.

What’s the dumbest/funniest thing that your kid has cried about or fought with you over?

She cries when someone sneezes…and laughs when she sneezes.

What are you most proud of having taught/shared with your kids or what are you most looking forward to teaching/sharing with them?

At 5 months old I’m keeping it to the basics–teaching her about football and pulling her mom’s hair.

What’s your favorite thing about your kids?

When she sleeps……only joking…….she never sleeps.

If you could go back in time and give yourself a piece of advice when you first became a father, what would you say?

Restrict visitors. The first¬†two weeks are very special, so don’t let your third¬†cousin’s sister’s dog spoil it by insisting on dropping by.2¬†

Any other comments to share on fatherhood?

A poo in the bath is a harrowing experience.

If you’re a father or you know a father who would like to share his story, send him to this link to answer the questions. Stay tuned for another dad’s crib notes¬†tomorrow!

  1. Notice that “up north” spelling of labor! This is how you know that these are real people and I’m not just making up fake answers to my questionnaire.
  2. Don’t worry…we won’t be letting any dogs drop by. Ever.

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