Spare a Prayer – A Poem for 2020 and Beyond

I don’t often write poetry, but this one just popped into my head as I looked back on this year that was difficult for so many. Despite the challenges, I still found myself incredibly blessed in a multitude of ways. As we head into 2021, I hope you can find those blessings as well.

Spare a prayer for all the people
who have suffered more than you.
For those whose lives were caving in
before this monstrous flu.

Spare a prayer for all the people
who will die alone tonight.
They breathe their last and then
await a glimpse of saving light.

Spare a prayer for all the people
who are lonely or afraid.
Who spent a year in solitude
as relationships were frayed.

Spare a prayer for all the families
and the moments that they missed.
From funerals and weddings
to new grandchildren unkissed.

Spare a prayer for all the teachers
who have labored at their task
of connecting with their students
through a video or mask.

Spare a prayer for all the children
and the things they couldn’t do
Graduations, rites of passage
that are not the same on Zoom.

Spare a prayer for local businesses
that find their business dead.
Shuttered stores and shuddering owners
with a balance deep in red.

Spare a prayer for all the people
who are serving on the front.
We think we know the costs this year
But they have borne the brunt.

Spare a prayer for all the doctors
and the nurses, aides and priests
who reported in for duty
while the risks only increased.

Spare a prayer for all the people
who have toiled in labs unseen.
Doing years of work in record time
to bring us a vaccine.

Spare a prayer before your maker
for the things you have today.
And the lessons learned this year
that will help along the way.

And as you spare these prayers for strangers
And for those whom you hold dear,
spare a prayer that you’ll remember
to spare even more next year.

4 Comment

  1. Angela says: Reply

    Matt- this is beautiful! Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks, Angela! I hope you’re doing well!

  2. Bill Hatch says: Reply

    Beautiful, thank you for sharing this Matt! From a new Catholic dad who recently found your website.

    1. Thanks, Bill! Congratulations and blessings in the new year!

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